Customer Service Strategy Development

LifeSkills acknowledges that prioritization of an effective customer care strategy is pivotal to the success of business. LifeSkills guides clients through strategy development that would define the standards of care and service offered to customers and set the requirements for meeting those standards.

Speakers Agency

Are you looking for engaging speakers for your audience? Are you interested in securing the right speaker to deliver a pertinent address at a forum, workshop, staff meeting, business gathering, association meet up, professional group or AGM? LifeSkills has a unique network of speakers drawn from across different sectors, who are passionate about their messages, enabling the mapping of right speakers to the right audiences.

Mystery Shopping Services

LifeSkills conducts mystery shopping services for corporates enabling them test actual delivery against defined service level standards. The X-ray vision from the customer’s view point enables gap identification and action planning towards bridging the gap to delivering on brand promises.

Corporate Training

LifeSkills offers transformational training programmes whose central theme for successful is focused on people. In the business environment irrespective of industry, vertical sector, enterprise size or listing, it is the people working for the organization that drive business. LifeSkills specializes in Leadership development, Corporate governance, Business Communication, Customer Service and Key Account Management training.

Brand and Marketing Consulting

The brands that perform well will wrap their hands around the notion that it’s not just advertising business they’re in, but the content business, full stop – Kevin Kells, Director, Google

LifeSkills assists clients develop targeted brand and marketing programs to create brand success and drive up revenue generation.

Brand, Marketing and Customer Service Resourcing

LifeSkills’ holistic experience across industry, assists organizations resource fitting professionals for brand, marketing and customer service positions. A rigorous methodology to acquire an in-depth understanding of the corporate’s unique and specific needs and a deliberate strategy to match the right resources to effectively deliver on the organization’s objectives is employed. It is designed to help corporates acquire competent and qualified staff that will add value.

Writing and Editing

LifeSkills offers high quality editing and proofreading services for books, plays, dissertations, reports, CV’s, marketing materials, press releases or other business documents. LifeSkills also offers writing services for speeches, articles and business proposals.

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