Our Team

  1. Carolyne Gathuru | Director Strategy and Business Development, LifeSkills Consulting

    An accomplished brand and marketing strategist and leader, Carolyne is a successful marketing and customer service professional with over 15 years of experience across a broad range of disciplines. She specializes in effective communication for service delivery and has an in depth knowledge of developing practical strategies to improve the customer experience. She has an innate ability to assess and understand the behavioural dynamics across various groups, gained from work with corporate organizations to develop interactive and effective customer service delivery tools and platforms that inspire behaviour change among targeted stakeholders; be it employees, management or partners in the business. As the founder of Life-Skills Consulting she is an ardent and passionate customer service practitioner with practical experience in the areas of business development, marketing, branding, public relations, customer service, corporate communications and corporate social responsibility programmes. She sits on the board of The Institute of Customer Service in Kenya that sets customer service standards nationally. Carolyne is also a seasoned public speaker, master of ceremonies and facilitator with a track record for crowd engagement, smooth programme facilitation and seamless event flow as well a mentor and life coach."

  2. Monica Mbugua| Associate Trainer and Consultant, LifeSkills Consulting

    Monica is charismatic, versatile, and performance-driven, qualities that have characterized her over thirteen years experience in the Human Resources and Training industry resulting in her delivery of winning outputs for the corporates she has worked with and consulted for. Monica has combined best practice from within the training and human resources spheres, that have allowed an all round approach to strategy development. Monica has been intimately involved with coordinating and facilitating the legal aspects of human resource management and training, formulation of performance management standards, automation and digitization of human resource and training systems, streamlining processes for enhanced customer interactions and championing the people–first element in corporate strategy. Monica has successfully led change management strategies and has experience in managing resistance issues. She has mastery of business planning, resourcing, operations, customer care management, team management, training and development formulation and implementation of performance management standards. In addition to the above Monica has a background in counselling, is a mentor and a coach. She is also an enthusiastic entrepreneur.

  3. Rose Kariuki | Associate Trainer and Consultant, LifeSkills Consulting

    With over thirteen years training ,teaching and coaching experience cutting across the entire spectrum from strategy development, to formulation of policies and procedures, manpower planning, talent acquisition, development and management, to talent separation, Rose’s experience is well balanced as it covers both the practical and oversight realms. Rose has worked with varying groups and has an intuitive understanding of people and their needs and what it takes to bring out the best in them. Rose is a coach and a motivator and is passionate about leading teams to their destined purpose. Rose also has experience in Human Resource Management including developing suitable systems, policies, processes, procedures, recruiting and training teams. In addition to the above, Rose is passionate about community development programmes, working with young people and inspiring self development. She is a certified counsellor and has completed the Landmark Education Leaders programme.

  4. Linet Njeri| Marketing and Admin Executive, LifeSkills Consulting

    Linet is a confident, enthusiastic, and resourceful brand and marketing professional with excellent technical proficiency and engaging social skills. She is a graduate in the Communication and Public Relations field and has pertinent experience in communication, public relations, brand development, marketing, stakeholder relations and writing. She has valuable working knowledge from the logistics, distribution, service, training, knowledge management, automotive and hospitality industries that she brings on board to enhance her training and consulting roles. She is responsible for brand, marketing and customer service strategy coordination, management and reporting, general administration and communication for LifeSkills Consulting. She is also a corporate trainer who combines her valuable communication skills with her knack for understanding the subject to create a supportive training environment. She is passionate about developing and nurturing communication and customer service skills in people and brands. She is also a member of Toastmasters International.

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